Bridge & Structural Design

CECS personnel have many years of experience in the design of highway structures incorporating new bridges, bridge rehabilitation and bridge widening. Structure project types have included various Girder types (Pre-cast Pre-stressed Concrete, Continuous Steel I-Girders and Box, and Segmental Pre-stressed Concrete Box), Concrete and Steel Arches, and Deep Foundations. Other structure types designed by CECS include reinforced concrete box culverts, special junction boxes, and retaining walls.


Services provided include:


• Project Management

• Concept Study

• Preliminary Engineering

• Structure Design and Plan Preparation

• Cost Estimates

• Contract Specification Preparation

• Context Sensitive Design

• Value Engineering

• Seismic Analysis

• Quality Control / Quality Assurance

CECS employees have experience in:


• Structure Plan Preparation

• Preliminary Plans

• Final Construction Plans

• Scour Analysis

• Failure Investigations

• Bridge Design for Ship Impact

• Investigation of Wind Induced Vibrations

• Rehabilitation Designs

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US76/378 Bypass over

US 521 Bridge Replacement

Carolina Bays Parkway Extension

US 17 Bridge Replacement over Tupelo Swamp

Bridge Replacement Lockhart Road (S-20) over

Little Lynches River

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