Disadvantage Business Enterprise

Ms. Raad is currently acting as a mentor to other new DBE/WBE firms who are her protégé.  She is helping them to be as successful in promoting their business as she did hers.  Ms. Raad has been recognized by FHWA and SCDOT for her pioneering the Mentor Protégé Program.


DBE Utilization Plan

CECS is a SCDOT certified DBE/WBE firm and we are proud to support other DBE/WBE firms.  We have an established track record with governmental agencies with respect to the participation of DBE firms on our projects. Also, CECS has been a protégé for other programs.


CECS has the willingness and experience to provide guidance and technical expertise to a protégé firm.  CECS is mentoring Maxim Communications in the area of public involvement and business development for the SC-153 Extension project in Pickens County.  This is the first project for implementation of the Mentor-Protégé Program. CECS consistently meets and exceeds the Department’s DBE utilization goals without outside assistance; however, CECS recognizes the benefits of partnering with other DBE firms by providing them with opportunities to excel in the transportation engineering industry.



Civil Engineering Consulting Services, Inc. is a Woman Owned DBE/WBE/SBE certified firm. CECS is certified in the following states:



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• South Carolina

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A Certified DBE/WBE Firm