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Sub Surface Engineering (Levels A,B,C & D):  CECS is uniquely qualified and immediately available to assist with any project sub surface engineering activities.  Our Team’s project manager, Ms. Theresa Hodge, P.E., has over 31 years of utility design and locating experience.  She has worked with numerous engineering firms and the SCDOT within the past four years providing quality SUE and Utility Coordination/Relocation Plans.  Her knowledge of both utility design and storm water provides an excellent platform for understanding the utility issues and resolving the problems.  She has served on two consecutive “On Call” contracts as a sub consultant to both So Deep and InfraMap for the South Carolina Department of Transportation.

Mr. Roger Hooks, Sue Crew Leader, will provide the daily designating and locating (LV A, B, C and D) expertise for the Sub Surface utility engineering activities. A former SCDOT employee (District 5 survey), Mr. Hooks has worked in the designating industry for over nineteen years.  In the past two years at CECS, he has been responsible for the designation of over 663,345 feet of Level B SUE, 272,211 feet of Level C and 315,021 feet of Aerial.  Each of these projects was delivered in a timely fashion and with detailed quality.  Assisting Mr. Hooks with sub surface engineering locating and designating will be Jeff Swans. In order to perform these designating and locating duties, CECS has invested in the highest quality equipment available.  Below is a listing of our equipment:

• PipeHorn

• Metrotech 810

• Radiodetection 4000 & 8000

• Subsite Electronics 950 RT

• Mala Geoscience X3M GPR

• Subsite Electronics 910 RT

• Schonostedt Magnetic Locator

• Vacuum/ Evacuation Truck