Utility Coordination


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SC 101 Widening

Horry County Capital Sales Tax Road Improvements

SC Route 9 at S 57 Intersection Improvements

US 378 Widening

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CECS has assisted State and Local agencies in the coordination of many high profile roadway improvement projects. The success to each of these projects has been keeping all utility companies:

• informed;

• coordinated; and

• located within defined corridors.

Working individually with each provider, CECS gives options for potential relocation measures that best fit the provider’s needs whether by “Early Relocation”, “In-Contract” services or Private construction.

CECS also provides roadway design guidance to avoid costly utility conflicts. By performing comparisons, CECS can evaluate the cost effectiveness of roadway modifications or utility relocations which can impact budget constraints for a project. No where was this more evident than in the recent SC 101 roadway design which impacted three major high pressure gas lines. The cost of these potential relocations would have amounted to over 3 million dollars in added project construction cost. However, working with Colonial Pipeline, South Carolina Pipeline and Plantation Pipeline, CECS was able to make roadway/drainage design modifications which allowed the utility providers to leave the existing lines in place with only minor improvements.


The key to this working relationship is the ability to effectively communicate initially with all utility providers and transferring this knowledge and information back to the designers. In many cases costly relocations can be avoided if they are known in preliminary design phases.


The second significant role that CECS can provide is the ability to define the corridors for relocation. Knowing the constraints that each utility provider has to design his/her system is valuable knowledge in setting the location corridors for each utility.