Value Engineering / Partnering

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Highway Administration website, the Value Engineering (VE) Process is “an organized application of common sense and technical knowledge directed at finding and eliminating unnecessary costs in a project.” CECS has been selected to take an active role in several VE studies for a number of different projects.

VE During Construction

CECS is on the “On-Call” VE for SCDOT and follows the basic VE procedure:

• Investigation

• Speculation

• Evaluation

• Development

• Presentation

• Report Preparation


VE During Shortlist Presentation

• Fast Track implementation of VE options                        



CECS has performed Value Engineering in the following manners:

Pre-construction VE alternative comparison criteria include:

• Construction Cost

• Constructability

• Maintenance of Traffic

• Right of Way Impacts

• Highway Design Criteria

• Pedestrian / Bicycle Impact


VE process applied during construction:

• Review plans and environmental documents / permits            

• Revise design

• Review cost estimate to determine cost savings

• Report preparation / presentation



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