I-77/ SC 161/ US 21, Interchange Redesign, York County, South Carolina














Civil Engineering Consulting Services, Inc. was selected by the SCDOT as the prime consultant for this project.  In order to accomplish the interchange movements and maintain maximum capacity and efficiency of I-77, a collector-distributor roadway, parallel to I-77 was designed to link the two interchanges.  The work aslo involves the design of five bridges and retainnig walls to satisfy the traffic, environmental and right-of-way requirements.  Part of the CECS contract was the preparation of right-of-way and final plans for the roadway and bridges as well as the bid documents.  The project concept developed by CECS/CTE was reviewed and endorsed by SCDOT, York County, Rock Hill, and Catawba Indian Tribe officials.  The concept, which minimizes right of way impacts, is estimated to cost approximately $5 million less than original budget estimates.